Act 2

A Women's Consignment Boutique

Welcome to Act 2, a woman's consignment boutique nestled in the heart of downtown Santa Fe, NM.    We cherish our little shop, where women from all over come in to experience the fun of shopping-- the rustling through racks, the ooh-ing and ahh-ing of watching  your friends try on the perfect dress, the girl-talk that happens on the side...   


We offer clothing and accessories that are current with the style trends you find in local Santa Fe boutiques, and also enjoy bringing in great vintage items and funky finds that you really wouldn't discover anywhere else.   


We have fun with our consignors and have earned a loyal local business since the shop opened in 1999.  Come on in to see what its all about!



Mon – 11:30 am -2:30 pm
Tues –11:30 am- 2:30 pm
Thurs –  11:30 am- 2:30 pm

10 items or less, on hangers, cleaned, pressed, and ready to wear. We do not accept clothing items in bags.  

If you have more than 10 items, we ask that you please call and make an appointment with us.


WE ARE CURRENTLY ACCEPTING ITEMS FOR TRANSITIONAL FALL.  No more summer and not quite fall. What the heck does that mean?Long sleeves, layering, darker colors. No more sleeveless, pastels, capris orlight colored linen. We will start taking full fall the first 8/19 and full winter 9/1. And of course, we are always accepting jewelry, handbags, shoes, and other accessories. 

When readying your items to bring in, please make sure to check items for any spots, stains or wrinkles.  Items must be cleaned, pressed/steamed, de-pilled, spot-free, pet-hair-free, and odor free. This includes perfume, cigarette smoke, and moth balls.  Please bring all items on hangers.  Your hangers will be returned to you on the spot.  We cannot accept items in garbage bags.  


If we accept an item of yours to consign, you will be given a consignor number and asked to complete a short contract that explains all the details of consigning with us at Act 2.  Your consignor number will be your access to your account and the reference for all your items we sell.  Each item will get priced, tagged, and listed under your own account number.  Your items have 60 days to sell.   The consignor receives 40% of what the item sells for in money or 50% in store credit. We will pay up to $50 the same day requested. If the amount is more than $50, your check will be written in 2 -3 weeks. Your store credit can be used at any time and your credit expires in 1 year if it hasn’t been used.

If at the end of the 60-day period, your item has not sold, you are welcome to have it back, just ask. We have a system for gathering up any unsold items at the end of a consignment period and getting them back to you. We will let you know the date you can call us, based on the date your item comes in. When you call,  simply ask us for a "gather" of your unsold items.  We are also happy to donate any unwanted items.  

You are welcome to call or come in to check on the status of your consignment items at any time.   We do not pay out unless you ask. Many people never receive a check and always use their store credit. Therefore, if you would like a check, just ask.


Please note, as explained in the written contract of Act 2, all items NOT REQUESTED TO BE GATHERED BY THE DATE GIVEN (MARKING THE END OF THE 60-DAY CONSIGNMENT PERIOD) become property of Act 2 on the 61st day, and are no longer recorded to your account. If you would like your items at this point you will have to look for them. We are happy to return them to you, but proper protocol must be followed in order for us to track your items on time before they expire.